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Wingfield Rifle Club Inc

New Members -

Club members must have a firearms licence with purpose of use 1.

Membership is due 1st September each year  
Senior $195.00
Concessional $155.00
Junior 18-21 $120.00
Sub Junior U18 $60.00
Non shooting member $31.00

                     HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER
Before becoming a member of the Wingfield rifle Club, it is recommended that a person should visit the Club two or three times to see
if the club is suitable to their needs and for the club personal to start to get to know the person.
The minimum age for joining the Wingfield Rifle Club is ten years of age.

To become a member of the Wingfield Rifle Club involves filling out the Target Rifle South Australia Membership form and supplying two character references. The referees must be over eighteen years of age and are not close relatives. These forms plus the appropriate fee are then presented to the club secretary directly or thru the Club captain.

A three month probationary period applies. During this time, a Police check is performed to ascertain that new members are “ fit and proper persons”, the membership form  is forwarded to Target Rifle South Australia.

TRSA will then generate a member number and provide a membership card. Membership runs from 1st July to 30th June, with renewal due by 1st of September.

 For the application form, referee forms and fee structure ask the club captain or the club secretary.

It is not necessary to have a firearms licence to shoot with the Wingfield Rifle Club. However it is necessary to have a licence to possess a firearm and/or ammunition.

The licence required for the club is a Class “A” with purpose of use “1”. The purpose of use “1” can only be obtained by doing a club firearms training course.

All licence applications (form pd303 below) must be presented to a Police station with 100 points of ID.
Persons already holding a general firearms licence must apply to SAPOL for a licence variation (pd303) and on obtaining SAPOL consent, that person must then do the Club course.

Persons without a licence and wishing to obtain a licence must apply to a police station  for an “A” class licence, purpose of use “1” (form pd303below) and on obtaining permission from SAPOL they must then do the club course.
To obtain a general licence involves the same process but can include “B” class and purpose of use “1”,“2”,“3” and “4”. A general licence application involves a one day TAFE course. (But not POU”1”).

For a detailed explanation of licence classes and purpose of uses, see the club secretary, or the SAPOL website, firearms licence section.

Wingfield Membership

Character Refrence form
SAPOL Website
PD307 Variation  
PD306 Permit to Acquire  
Club By-Laws